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[IP] Need your help

Hi guys,
For once the help I need isn't with my pump!  :)  Over the past few months I
have lost some weight, which has given me a lot more energy.  I decided that
I needed some motivation to keep the weight off and to keep me in shape.  I
decided to sign up for the JDRF Ride to Cure in Death Valley, CA this fall
which is a 105 mile bike ride in which the procedes go to the JDRF.  Figured
I help raise money for diabetes research while I was at it.  :)

The help I need from you guys is the check my website out and give me some
feedback on the information I have up there.  I kinda threw it together over
the weekend and want to make sure I'm not spreading any incorrect info.  I
would also like to add a section for people with diabetes (their names, age,
and a brief story about them and their diabetes) so that my sponsors can see
who I am riding for besides myself.  Pictures would be awesome if you have
them to share.   Although this ride is for the JDRF, I am not picky on the
stories and whether you are type 1 or type 2.  We all need a cure!

Thanks ahead of time!  

Here is the link:  http://diabetes.imbetterthanyou.com   

-- Sherry

PS - to keep this related...I have been training and testing my basals at
the same time and have dropped my dosage quite a bit.  My numbers have been
a little on the low side but are doing pretty good!  I also recieved my One
Touch Ultra this week and LOVE it.  :)
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