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[IP] Re: Public Testing/Shooting up

*I* find this to be a da**ed if you do and da**ed if you don't situ. If you
try to be 'courteous' and go to the Loo, you are "Hiding" something and god
help you if someone walks into the sinks area whilst you are drawing up or
injecting it!!

If you go to the loo and test your BG you'll get the one walking in and
seeing it and STILL B****ing about it, since you're "Hiding" in there.

Then, when you try to be open and aboveboard about it, they say you should
leave! So, it was many years ago I stopped living around everyone else's'
qualms. I'm am sorry, but I have this and have to deal with it, and if they
are any kind of intelligent, or any kind of a friend, they would realize

One thing cracks me up; a friend and roommate here hates blood and needles,
yet he will watch the GORIEST scary movies and rent the GROSSEST horror
flicks, He plays the 'bloodiest' games on my Mac..... SHEESH!

Jenny Sutherland
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