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[IP] Accidents are having local people question if D should Drive

I live in California, where it is incredibly hard not to be able to drive.  I have personally (knock wood) never had a low while driving, but when I took my carb counting class (which was was my Dr's pre-req to putting me on the pump) there was a woman in our class who had crashed her car because of a low.  Her BG was tested at 25 at the scene by paramedics -- who, BTW, knew she was diabetic because of her medicalert bracelet.  Her license was suspended for 6 months and she had to petition the court to have her license reinstated, and produce her testing records for the entire period of time as part of the petition.  The class was part of proving that she was being more careful about her sugars.  Ironically, this was a harsher sentence than she would have gotten if she had a first time DUI

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