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Re: [IP] public injections

In my home, growing up, my father and I never talked about our disease (both 
type 1), much less test our bs at the table or take a shot.  That was always 
something to be done in private.  My dad could never watch me inject either, 
he got queasy.  Starting out my diabetic life (at 9) like that had quite an 
impact on me and the discretion I always used when around other people.  
Only close friends knew I was diabetic.
It is only now, with a lot of support from my fiance, that I am able to test 
my bs in a restaurant, and am starting to feel ok about giving injections in 
public as well...usually only if he is with me though.
dx '86 T1, hoping to be pumping soon!

" when you talk
>"exposing people to my illness at the dinner table" it does sound like
>diabetes is something nasty or shameful or maybe just plain gross.  I
>actually don't think it is any of those things.  And it is different from a
>sneeze or blowing your nose because the first thing that comes to mind for
>me in those situations is that I might catch the person's cold.  That is
>obviously not a concern here.  I guess that the reason that your post 
>me is that it is not so easy for me to separate "my illness" from my self.
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