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[IP] Re: tissues

> > In my part of the country (Northeast) we have something called a tissue
> > (Kleenex or otherwise) that actually wipes blood off the finger quite
> > nicely.  : < )
> >
> I think we have those here too.....it's just a matter of convenience.  We
> don't always have tissues with us.......but we do always have our mouths

While I agree with everything JayLGee had to see in a previous post, I
always have my meter with me and I presume those lickers also have theirs or
why would they jab? I keep a square of TP folded in fourths and I wipe with
one side of that, always keeping the used side away from view. It really
doesn't take up much room in the meter case. THERE IS A WAY w/o making
people ill and laughing about it! I know another long-timer on this list
uses her tissue until there is no longer a white spot. Reuse is like
changing our lancets 2-4 times a year.

Jay mentioned a colostomy bag, well I met a listmember (another list) who
had a pee bag hooked to his belt and it could have easily been hidden under
his pants or his shirt. He, too, seemed rather proud of it - we ate at an
Old Country Buffet and he took several trips to the food bars - with his
proud bag of pee hanging there. Now, if that upsets any of you lickers,
think of others seeing your blood. He was going to come to the BASH and I
worried about that until I learned he was sick and couldn't drive the 300
miles one way. I didn't want him sick, but didn't want a bag of pee hanging
around either. YMMV (~_^)

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