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Re: [IP] BG Tracker

BG Tracker is a good program.  One nice thing in the new version 5,
which is currently in Beta testing, is that you will be able to import
data from other sources.  For example, if you are using GlucoPilot
or DiabetesPilot on the Palm, you will be able to take the CSV file
from those programs and import it into BG Tracker.  You can then use
all of BG Tracker's graphing/reporting functions with the data you
collected on your Palm Pilot.  Yes, there is a VERY PAINFUL method
to extract this data from EZ Manager too.

There are links to BG Tracker, and other diabetes related software,
in the LINKS section of the IP Web page.  It is under the heading
"Diabetes Software - Evaluations and Downloads"


Also, the following web page has even more links to diabetes related


John Hughes

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