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[IP] Public testing and injections

I tend to be discrete testing in public. Before going into a restaurant, I
test out in the car. There are times I test in restaurants or when I am in
school. My non-obvious way is setting the BS machine on my lap and poking my
finger under the table. I bolus discretely too. But when I was on injections,
I shot myself out in the car after the meal.

I am on the road a lot doing home visits, my car is my home away from home. At
least I know it is cleaner than bathrooms equipped with handwipes,

Once in a restaurant I noticed a child pumper 10-12 years old. He had
something wrong with his pump, changing the tubing right there on the table. I
just found that interesting that he didn't seem to care what others thought.
But there are others in the community out in public with some outward medical
problem. That is OK that he chose that option to change his tubing if he so
desires. Happy pumping Sharon B.
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