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Re: [IP] raw food teen & cure documentation


I think your quest for knowledge about your daughters condition and options 
is comendable and she's lucky to have a mom who is willing to look beyond 
what some doc tells her!

When I was in my late teens/early 20s, I had several symptoms that I told 
docs about which were diagnosed as "irritable bowl syndrome" (they don't 
like to say they just don't know, I guess).  I was young and at some point 
gave up and just figured that that was how my body was and moved on.  Then 
at 23 I was diagnosed with diabetes, which became impossible for me to 
control.  I tried so hard to make it work the way the docs said it should - 
but then finally gave up and stopped eating carbohydrates.  And it worked 
for me!  I was amazed.  After years of A1Cs of 14 and up, my A1Cs were 
suddenly 6.5. AND all my IBS symptoms went away, too.  But the docs were 
telling me I was killing myself because I wasn't following their low 
fat/high carb religion.  I ignored them because I felt like a normal person 
for the first time in years - had as much energy as I did as a teenager (I 
spent my 20s feeling like a slug - boy would I like a chance to do that 
over!).  It turns out that all along I had Celiac Disease (some outrageous 
percentage of celiacs are misdiagnosed with IBS) which is an autoimmune 
disease in which the immune system attacks the small intestine when glutens 
from wheat, rye, barley, and oats are ingested.  If I had listened to the 
docs, and not done my own research and experimentation, I would never have 
discovered this.

It's always possible that the powers that be know exactly what they're 
talking about and there is no better way - but I sure don't see how it could 
hurt to push the envelope a little!  And, btw, of course you're going to 
feel defensive.  It's a struggle that's close to your heart.  Don't give up 
and if you find anything I could use, let me know!


>         I am a lay person, not too stupid, don't consider myself
><brilliant>. But a mother of fortitude and good sense (growingly
>resenting the enormous cost of all this management of disease unending
>'solution'). My daily prayer and purpose--amidst my many other
>purposes--is to model and encourage Leslie to increasingly take on her
>self-care with courage, scrutiny, and studied creativity. Leslie is doing
>fine--moreover much better than many her age--by all accounts, esp. our
>ped. endo. at Vanderbilt TN. I swore I wouldn't get defensive and
>anticipated a firestorm raising this issue.
>         I've been pondering the hunch that nutrition science is yet in
>its infancy--

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