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[IP] Re: Testing in public

In a message dated 4/15/02 7:52:55 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I hope they never become diabetic!
> Susan

LOL.  I'm sure they'd learn to cope just like we did.  The former boss who 
almost passed out into his lunch now has a teenage diabetic daughter.  She 
was almost as afraid of shots as he was.  From what I understand, he is a lot 
more accustomed to seeing blood and syringes, but he still gets queasy.  It 
would still ruin his meal if he saw me do a finger stick or give myself an 
injection while he was trying to eat.  

I was raised to treat other people with respect and to put their feelings and 
considerations before my own.  I am not always good at that.  I'm certainly 
not saying that I'm better than anyone else...I just try to treat other 
people like I would want to be treated.  On behalf of those who get nauseous 
from the site of blood, I appreciate those who test discretely and have 
consideration for others.  In some restaurants, it is easy to sit in a booth 
and keep everything out of site.  I definitely don't have a problem with 
that.  In other restaurants, it is next to impossible to find a spot where no 
one can see what you are doing.  

IMHO, education cannot always change a physical reaction that some people 
have to seeing such things.  I have a friend who is the proud owner of a 
colostomy bag.  For most people, that is a very personal and private thing.  
He thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.  He tries to tell 
everyone about it.  I don't want to see it, especially when I am trying to 
eat.  He can educate me and tell me all he wants about the surgery, his food 
restrictions, and how he has to take care of his colostomy site, but I don't 
want to see it.  Nor do I want to hear someone next to me blow his nose while 
I'm trying to eat.  That is probably the one thing that makes me sick.  Keep 
the mucus away from me.  If I have to blow my nose, I make every effort to 
excuse myself and I would expect that other people would be willing to do the 
same.  If you have a chronic sinus condition and we are dining together, I 
will try my best to enjoy your company and to be an entertaining and 
considerate dining partner, but don't expect me to look at you when I'm 
eating.  I will be busy taking a vacation in my mind trying to distance 
myself from your nose.  Many people have a natural fear or aversion to blood 
or syringes.  Why would any of us want to force people to witness something 
that could make them sick and potentially ruin a meal they have to pay for?

I have tried to keep my opinions lighthearted.  I really do appreciate it 
when someone takes my feelings and my concerns into consideration.  I would 
hope that we were all willing to do the same for others.  If you can test 
discretely in public, more power to you...and thanks for being discreet.
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