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[IP] Raw Food Approach & complications

Dear Carol Johnson,
    Thank you for your contribution on "the raw food approach", which
certainly seems related to the findings on advanced glycosylated
endproducts - the apparent cause not only of  diabetic complications, but
perhaps also of some cancers.
     I strongly support further investigations and urge that you forward any
information you receive. (However, the Russian boy sounds as if he might
have still been in the honeymoon stage. How long has he had IDDM & was he
ever diagnosed in the U.S. as having true Type 1?)
    Nutrition science is, indeed, in its infancy.
> Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 22:54:35 -0500
> From: Carol Johnson <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] raw food teen &  cure documentation
>         I (Mom to Leslie dxd at age 3--a very long haul indeed til the
elusive cure!) continue to be intrigued by this and only elicit
informative discussion in attempt to discover who else round the country or
globe may be aware of or attempting this. Some of us have to think outside
the box> here or we'd be driven to be irresponsible or crazy.
> Sure, Leslie who has no desire to become a <raw fooder> loves her pump AND
HER Go-Gurts as do I........BUT:   Do we know how enzymes--abundant in raw
<living food>, but largely diminished in <cooked>--affect insulin/carb
ratio? More in nutritional approaches on staving off secondary tissue
damages? Any clinical studies underway to show complete investigation into
major muscle activity RE: exercise factors of cell receptors/insulin
requirements as under influence of enzyme and/or other yet uninvestigated
factors synergistically? A raw almond can potentially germinate to produce a
flourishing tree with multitudes of almonds; a roasted almond disintegrates
into dirt in a week or so yet both have the same amt. of calcium, zinc,
protein, cho, & fat, etc. <YMMV>
>         Would a certified English translation of this 17-yr. old's
medical work-up serve any purpose, REALLY? (he was dxd in Russia, I could
have looked at the paperwork they carry around, but opted out due to late
hour). I did, however pull out my spare glucometer and he willingly gave a
blood sample after hand washing which was 135--not really that great. I plan
to ask the mother---if I can get her phone number---the source of what she
studied about how the <pathway> of insulin production she
theorizes muscles in heavy labor of the necessary exercise produce, is
apparently sufficient to facilitate cell receptivity in all other tissue
types, excluding of course those organs already at risk for absorbing too
much glucose--i.e., retinal, kidney, neural. I was there to meet the family.
I discerned it is another deeply sincere account of a personal story/journey
and an honest presentation of how they have struggled to understand and
grapple with their own solution--to which all are entitled
> <What a great country,> eh? The mother said she contacted several doctors
at clinics <I am presuming perhaps even Barbara Davis Center in Denver;
where they resided there first after arriving in the US> but clinicians were
not interested in the extreme approach and I don't really blame them.
However in my humble opinion it would be of interest if several people are
doing this and could be studied.
>         I am a lay person, not too stupid, don't consider myself
> <brilliant>. But a mother of fortitude and good sense (growingly resenting
the enormous cost of all this management of disease unending 'solution'). My
daily prayer and purpose--amidst my many other purposes--is to model and
encourage Leslie to increasingly take on her self-care with courage,
scrutiny, and studied creativity. Leslie is doing fine--moreover much better
than many her age--by all accounts, esp. our ped. endo. at Vanderbilt TN. I
swore I wouldn't get defensive and
> anticipated a firestorm raising this issue.
>        I've been pondering the hunch that nutrition science is yet in
> its infancy--please refer to Winter 2001 Countdown issue on p. 45 Mapping
the Disease Pathways>  wherein substances called Advanced Glycation
Endproducts <AGEs> that in biochemical metabolic processes become linked to
proteins in the body and do not break down, accumulating particularly within
cells associated with diabetes-related complications.
> In my reading of another article also most assuredly <same issue,
Countdown> source--p. 48:  <The lion's share of the most destructive AGEs in
the body come from the diet...Helen Vlassara, MD at JDRFs Center for Gene
Therapy of Type 1 Diabetes & Long Term Complications at Mount Sinai School
of Medicine......>. I gasped to read that cooking foods create
> AGEs, namely in most-to least offending order:  grilling, baking, frying,
and sauteing. Article goes on to say that low-AGE diets are those that avoid
these cooking methods--emphasizing raw, steamed, poached, and boiled
foods...... On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies- ---according to the
Countdown article--are currently testing drugs that inhibit AGE formation.
So, choose your poison. Like I sincerely intimated before, <What a great
country>--used to be said a lot by that beloved '80s comedian from Russia,
Yanklovich or something like that. Anybody out there from Down Under, or
Australia? Your impressive diabetes research and 'national approach'
fascinated me in the earliest first days of dx and my initial discovery of
Internet lit searches which I don't do so often any more....  What about
Canadians following favored nutritional science....?    Thanks for the
lengthy-text indulgence. I really have been losing sleep over this 8>(
> Alabama Carol--Mom to Leslie now 6....non DM Carl 9....MDHubby a NASA
physicist and definitely NEVER a 'raw fooder' unless deathly afflicted w/no
other way out.
> ________________________________________________________________
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