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Re: [IP] almost 2 year's

> From: email @ redacted
> has any one been on a pump 2 or more year's and still having problem's? I
have been on the 508 for 18 month's and still do not have this stuff dialed
in (still hit 280 somtime's)
Do you ever get this #%$@ down ? ever?
One day it's 15=1 carb's and then the next
it's 6=1  ?????? this is getting on my last nerve!
doug ): >>>

hmmmmm- I was just thinking I kind of enjoyed the occasional 400+ and
vomiting, the
neuropathy, kidney dysfunction, the time I was legally blind, the
endometriosis, and the all-important ETC. - NOT!!! Then I get a jolt to
reality with the above post. YMMV (~_^)

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