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Re: [IP] Re:Testing in Public

Yes, I sit in the stall and the only thing my medical touchs is my lap. Sometimes I just stand up and use my pockets and hands outside the stall where the air is not moving. Eddie

> Eddie wrote:
> "What about using a stall in the bathroom for measurement and shot as
> sometimes you do?"
> Hubby feels just about every public restroom he's ever been in is just way
> to germ-infested to ever think about testing in them.  Most sink areas are
> wet, stalls have tons of germs all around.  What he does is put meter on his
> leg, or if in booth, then on seat next to him.  I often will be his body
> shield so no one sees.
> Since we're rarely with folks we don't know, all are aware of his need to
> "check his blood".  When his was on injections, I'd just give it to him in
> the back area of his upper arm, using my little body as as much of a shield
> as possible or he'd turn away from the most people in a restaurant and
> quickly shoot in his stomach.  Never had anyone ever comment.
> In fact, the only time there were comments, happened years ago when some
> kids walked by the apartment DR window where we lived, saw Hubby giving
> himself a "shot" in the arm, then could hear one of the kids say, "He's
> usin' drugs!!" so went out and explained to them.  Seems one of them had a
> grandmother who had to "give herself those shots to cut down the sugar in
> her blood", and this girl used to watch grandma do it so she told the other
> kids that Hubby needs those shots to stay alive.
> Think discretion and discreetness are the keys words in public areas.
> Marj of Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list);
> and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)


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