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re:[IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

>It would appear that your daughter is ashamed of her diabetes, not
in teen age girls.>
Am I the only one who didn't go through this as a teenager?  I was
diagnosed at age 14 in 8th grade, and I never had a problem telling
people about my diabetes.  I even packed my lunches for a while, which
is not done in Jr. High.  I made new friends when I got to the
highschool and never hid anything from them.  I was even on the swim
team, and made sure my coach and teammates knew that I had diabetes.
Sure, I wished I didn't have to be different, but it really was never a
big deal to me.  I guess I'm pretty fortunate.  
Anne, if you're reading this... things will work out.  Just give your
daughter lots of support, encouragement, and time.  I'd be more than
happy to talk with you or your daughter if you're interested.  I've had
diabetes for 14 years, had A1Cs ranging from 13 to 7 to 5,  went through
the "partying" phase, got safely through 4 years of college, and just
recently had a healthy baby girl!  I'm sure things will be fine.  Just
hang in there!
Good luck... Heather

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