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Re: [IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

  I just wanted to say that while I agree that counseling/social 
workers/psychologists/etc. are WONDERFUL, and can do great work for some 
teens, I think you need to look at who your daughter is and whether or not 
she would be comfortable with talking to these people. I'm saying this from 
a biased standpoint, of course, and please don't take offense!!!  I'm 
22...when I was in my teens, I didn't necessarily hide my diabetes from 
friends; but I sure did from anyone else!  And yep, I avoided testing, 
talking about "numbers," etc.  I think it is a part of the whole "teenage 
rebellion thing."  I also think that it is true that people do outgrow 
it...although I admit, looking back, that I probably scared my parents half 
to death in the process!  Anyway, my point is that I know I would not have 
talked to anyone I regarded as a "shrink" in that case.  Yes, I know not all 
those people are shrinks, but try explaining that to a 16 year old who is 
trying so hard to be "normal."  That's just my take on it.  If your daughter 
is willing to talk to someone, I encourage you to do that wholeheartedly.  
Just don't force it on her...if you do, I am afraid that it might backfire. 
Also, by the way, I found that the "support group" suggestion that was made 
by one member is really great!  I never had one, but I wish I did...some 
older girl to talk to would have really helped me I think. Or even someone 
my age going through the same thing.  I know it helped a few kids at a 
school where my dad is a counselor.  At this middle school, he had about 10 
kids with various health problems.  Diabetes included. He basically put them 
into a group, and it really helped all of them.  I also spoke with this 
group (there were 3 girls with diabetes, and my dad asked me if I would mind 
talking to them), and you'd be surprised at some of the questions that came 
up!  It helped me (I was 19-20 at the time) just as much as it helped the 
kids I think.
  Anyway, sorry this is so long!  Just some of my feelings on it.  Tricia 
pumping almost 2 years now!

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