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Re: [IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] help  with 16 year old daughter!!
> I need some help and don't know what to do with my 16 year old daughter.
> When she was younger she was so good about always taking her meter with
> and doing her blood sugar and not caring what people think.  But now that
> she
> is in high school, it is like she is ashamed of her diabetes.  She hardly
> ever takes her meter when she goes places and is not very good about doing
> her blood sugar before she drives.  She even lies to me occassionally and
> will say she has her meter when in fact she doesn't.
> I don't know how to handle this.  She is such a good kid.  She is an A
> student and doesn't drink or cause us any problems except, that I wish she
> wouldn't worry so much about other people knowing she has diabetes.  Her
> has been slowly creeping up to.  It is usually around 6.3 but the last 2
> dr's
> appointments it has been 7.5 and I don't think it will be any lower this
> time
> either.
> Thanks for the help!
> Anne
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From: "Andrew Bender (spot)" <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2002 10:31 PM

> It would appear that your daughter is ashamed of her diabetes, not unusual
> in teen age girls. ...

Well that could be but it could be something less a bit less complex. Your
daughter may just be sick and tired of this miserable disease and just
trying to avoid dealing with it whenever she can. I (and many others as
well) have certainly "fallen off the wagon" at times and let our care slide.
Dealing with  DM all day, everyday, forever is quite a drag and simply
refusing to do the things (you feel) you can get away with doing without is
one approach. If that is the case you can expect a change in attitude as she
matures and gains more experience - but don't expect it to happen
immediately and don't expect anything you, or others, do or say to hurry the

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