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RE: [IP] could this be neuropathy?

I think the difference is the fingers that are numbing.  With carpal tunnel,
it is the thumb, index, and middle.  Sleeping with the hand bent away from
the body aggravates the condition.  This is why they give you a brace for
the wrist, so your hand won't bend backwards.  When typing, the back of your
hand, wrist, and forearm should all be in a straight line.  Do any of you
remember piano lessons?  Have to keep those hands level.  Well, they weren't
far from the truth in preserving the wrist and nerves.  Same with my first
typing class.  Can't drop those wrists to rest on the keyboard!!! 

Much of the problem is most people weren't taught the 'correct' way to type.
But, hey, I was taught (piano and typing) and still had carpal tunnel.  With
diabetes (according to my ortho surgeon) it is more prevalent.  YMMV!

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