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[IP] slow service from minimed-really Medicare?

spot wrote:
"Before I had Medicare I got all my pump supplies on a few days turnaround.
paid with my Amex card and they shipped them immediately. Now that Medicare
and Independance Blue shield cover my pump supplies they tell me it takes at
least 5 days to process an order. Thats ok but i can't order before a
certain date because Medicare wont allow it...."

and others:
"Can you tell them you change your site more often and need more supplies?
 This way you would always have extra on hand.

I think this can be done but you need an Rx from doctor."

First, the issue is whether Medicare or your other insurance is considered
the primary insurance.  When Medicare is primary (and some insurances
require you to get Medicare then make Medicare primary), and if the
secondary will not pay for anything not covered by Medicare, and if your
supplier has so notified you that such may not be covered by Medicare, then
you may be responsible for the cost.  Medicare only covers 1 infusion set
(Medicare's term is infusion catheter) a week, and some secondary insurances
will not pick up the cost for more even when you have a script from MD for
more.  Other secondary insurances will pick up the cost since it is ordered
by an MD, and sometimes supply companies "eat" the additional amount.  So,
the issue isn't really the supplier, but Medicare's inadequate regulations.
Write to you Senators and Congressmen about this horrible situation.  BTW,
Medicare will cover as many reservoirs as MD orders (!).
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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