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Re: [IP] Re:Testing in Public

Eddie wrote:
"What about using a stall in the bathroom for measurement and shot as
sometimes you do?"

Hubby feels just about every public restroom he's ever been in is just way
to germ-infested to ever think about testing in them.  Most sink areas are
wet, stalls have tons of germs all around.  What he does is put meter on his
leg, or if in booth, then on seat next to him.  I often will be his body
shield so no one sees.
Since we're rarely with folks we don't know, all are aware of his need to
"check his blood".  When his was on injections, I'd just give it to him in
the back area of his upper arm, using my little body as as much of a shield
as possible or he'd turn away from the most people in a restaurant and
quickly shoot in his stomach.  Never had anyone ever comment.
In fact, the only time there were comments, happened years ago when some
kids walked by the apartment DR window where we lived, saw Hubby giving
himself a "shot" in the arm, then could hear one of the kids say, "He's
usin' drugs!!" so went out and explained to them.  Seems one of them had a
grandmother who had to "give herself those shots to cut down the sugar in
her blood", and this girl used to watch grandma do it so she told the other
kids that Hubby needs those shots to stay alive.
Think discretion and discreetness are the keys words in public areas.
Marj of Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list);
and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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