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[IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] help  with 16 year old daughter!!

I need some help and don't know what to do with my 16 year old daughter.
When she was younger she was so good about always taking her meter with her
and doing her blood sugar and not caring what people think.  But now that
is in high school, it is like she is ashamed of her diabetes.  She hardly
ever takes her meter when she goes places and is not very good about doing
her blood sugar before she drives.  She even lies to me occassionally and
will say she has her meter when in fact she doesn't.

I don't know how to handle this.  She is such a good kid.  She is an A
student and doesn't drink or cause us any problems except, that I wish she
wouldn't worry so much about other people knowing she has diabetes.  Her AIC
has been slowly creeping up to.  It is usually around 6.3 but the last 2
appointments it has been 7.5 and I don't think it will be any lower this

Thanks for the help!
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It would appear that your daughter is ashamed of her diabetes, not unusual
in teen age girls. It occurs in boys as well but usually at a younger
age.Confrontation at home is not likely to change anything much. I strongly
suggest you discuss her feelings of shame and sadness without guilt or
recrimination. If you are unable to do this and most parents are not able to
because it is an emotionally charged issue and often parents have guilt
about, "giving their child diabetes" then i suggest psychiatric intervention
with someone skilled at dealing with adolecent diabetic girls, a difficult
specialist to find. Usually girls relate better to female psychiatrists. If
you have problems locating one in your area, the ADA has a directory of
medical specialists who specialize in  diabetic problems. girls at this age
are already in an emotional turmoil.  spot (who had 2 daughters go thru this
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