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Re: [IP] pump


  I've been thinking how nice it will be to not have to take my son , who is 
6 to the bathroom with me in a restaurant to take a shot right when my food 
comes, and a lot of other inconvenient times.  I have injected at the movie 
theater, just so I could eat some popcorn, but I tried to hide it as best as 
I could.  Oh, and yesterday I took a shot right on the beach to cover a high 
BS, because my son was playing in the water, and the bathroom was very far 
away, but again I tried to hide it.  I'm not as shy about testing, but I 
still try to be discrete.  I'm just afraid that some people might freak out 
and think I was doing drugs(the illegal kind), and also, a lot of people are 
squeamish about needles and blood, so I try to be considerate of them.

  My Diabetes specialist at my HMO just approved me for the pump on April 
9th, and I was told I should be pumping by the end of May!  I'm so excited!

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