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[IP] Perimenapausal

Meg Teg Said: <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Re: erratic blood sugars and hysterectomy

I'll be 50 this year and experiencing the stubborn
BS's also.  I just started having erratic periods(every
21 to 50 days-use to be like clockwork)) so it's hard
to know what is going on. I have all the PMS symptoms
but they are all mixed up. I feel I'm insulin
sensitive one moment and resistant the next. At times
I have pumped in the insulin also and haven't budged
the BS reading. I thought maybe I'd try the Novolog.
It's scary taking that much insulin. but the biggest
problem is not knowing.

Hi Meg, your description sounds exactly what happened to me when I
unknowingly began menopause.   Uncontrollable bgs were driving me
nuts.....all over the place.  The other perimenapausal symptoms were all
there as well.  That is when I got on the pump.   My doc (family doc) didn't
even figure it out. I did when I read Gail Sheehy's book, SILENT PASSAGE.
The pump and HRT made me sane again (well, as much as I will ever be).   I
hear there is a new book out, Oprah had the author on it, and perimenopause
is thoroughly discussed.  Can't remember name of it.  I was your age and had
the same problems.  My doc did a blood test to confirm it.  You might bring
this up with your doc.  I choose HRT because of the associated risks with
having diabetes and heart problems and osteoporosis (SP?).   HRT had then
been seen as a helpful factor.  I believe they are.  I don't ever be without
my hormones.............Thank good for them!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

Bonnie  (F. C.) Richardson
104 Stone Meadow Lane
Madison, AL 35758
email: email @ redacted
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