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[IP] your suggestions, please

Hi, I am in the middle of re-testing my basals around the clock.  I started
with a 7p-10pm test  but bg started out on the low side (80) and continued
to slide.  The next day I did a 3p-7pm; was too low to start (56 at 2:45p so
I ate some glucose tabs.)  It was then fairly steady from 3-7 (ranged from
85 to 95.)

So today I worked on a 11a-3p test.  Was steady from 11a-1p (110 at 11a, 115
at noon, 103 at 1p --perfection).  But at 2p it was 94 and at 3p it was down
to 76. (The day before it was 56 at this time.) It looks like I'm dropping
sometime between 1p and 3p.  My basal is already set to go down from .4 to
.3 at 2:30 pm.  Should I try an earlier time for this?  If so, how much
earlier?  I really feel good about my 11a to 1p readings and don't want to
screw them up.

I'll be going over all my test results on 4/23 with my CDE but am inclined
to go ahead with a change now and test new basal next weekend.  I'd be
interested to hear what others think.  I do tend to have low blood sugar
incidents in the mid-afternoon which was why I originally lowered my basal
at 2:30p.

BTW my insulin requirements have definitely diminished in the last year.  My
last period was in May 2001 and, although I have no other symptoms, it
appears to be menopause.  My CDE said that can explain why I need less
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