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[IP] Re: What ifs . . .

"what if you have the one with the insulin delivering device implanted in you 
and you get into a car accident and you get hit right where the device is 
implanted.  It gets crushed and releases all the insulin into your body"

I'm not positive, but I think the internal devices are incredibley hard to 
break for several reasons:
1)  the material is impact resistant - anyone remember the comercials for 
eyeglass lenses that you can hit with a hammer? - that kind of material is 
extremely safe (that material was polycarbonate, but I don't know how 
biologically inert it is)
2)when devices are planted just under the skin, there is also soft fascia 
behind it, so there is nothing for it to get crushed against - no proverbial 
rock and a hard place

so, if you get hit hard enough to crush it, the insulin probably isn't your 
biggest problem

"jared it and it broke lose from it's connection"
Again, I'm just guessing here, but I imagine there it is a self sealing type 
system by valves or something to prevent such a contigency.

For whatever that is worth!
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