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[IP] Re:Testing in Public

I sometimes test in restaurants, but that is usually when I am with my 
family.  Some people get nauseous and even pass out at the sight of blood, so 
it is only common courtesy to spare the general public whenever possible.  
What better way to break the ice at a nice restaurant than to cause a hurl 
fest from a finger prick?  I've heard from a friend who worked as a waiter 
that this has happened. 

I always ask permission if I am with someone that I don't know well.  
Otherwise, I excuse myself to the restroom.  One thing that makes the insulin 
pump so great is that I can push buttons without wondering whether or not 
I've ruined someone else's dinner.  I've done my share of restaurant 
injections, though.  Since I gave myself injections for over 14 years, I got 
very good at discreet delivery.  I could give myself shots while talking to 
people and they didn't notice that I had done it until I snapped the needle 
off of the syringe.  One time I slipped up, though... I had one boss that I 
was completely comfortable with.  I often forgot that he got light headed and 
would pass out if he saw a syringe.  One day, I wasn't thinking.  While we 
were talking at the work lunch table, I gave myself a quick injection in the 
stomach.  He turned white and fell forward, narrowly missing his sandwich.

I don't think most people have attitudes about diabetics having to test and 
inject in public.  I just think it is common courtesy to use good judgment 
about when it is appropriate.
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