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RE: [IP] Re: erratic blood sugars and hysterectomy

Apparently,  total hysterectomies are done all over this country and they
can't all be lifesaving procedures.  For many of us who suffer from the
discomfort on an almost daily basis, it is "lifesaving" for the quality of my
life.  The idea of going on the way I have been since age 15(I am 35) for
another 15 yrs. is almost intolerable.  I have tried laser surgery, 2 6 month
tx of Lupron at significant cost ($300/injection--once a month in 92for 6
months-total cost 1800; $1275 for the depot in 01---lasting 3 months and doing
it again for another 3 months--insurance will pay $600---I can't afford the
$675 every 3 months for the next 15 yrs) to my husband and insurance co.

For women who live like this, a hysterectomy---total---is like a dream come

They remove extra glands if you are found to have a cervical abnormality---ie,
otherwise, it's the uterus, ovaries, tubes, and cervix.

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