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Re: [IP] FastTake

I had a fast take, but was finding it very hard to find test strips for it. 
Both Walgreens and the grocery store had them on "backorder" for months. I 
finally found out from my CDE that the fast take meter has been discontinued 
- and that is whiy it is getting harder to get the strips. My CDE gave me 
the ULTRA - it is faster than the fast take - only 5 seconds, and requires 
less blood. Now I can always find the strips. It was scary with the fast 
take to be on my last box of strips and have to go to 5 or 10 different 
stores before I could find them. Just thought I'd warn you, in case you 
start having problems finding the strips...

Type 1 7 yrs, start pump in May!

>Recently there was a thread about bg testing on sites other than fingers as
>well as the size of blood drops needed for tests.  Last week my CDE gave me
>a FastTake meter (LifeScan) and, wow, what a difference it's making for me.
>The lancet device, Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler, can be used on
>paces like arms and thighs (I haven't experimented with other locations 
>as well as fingers and the new strip requires the tiniest drop of blood 
>(1.5 microliters). You get the results in 15 seconds.  It was helpful to
>watch LifeScan's little (and I mean little) video on their web page for
>instructions on sampling on your arm--it is quite different from what I've
>been doing for years on my fingers.
>I can't recall if others had recommended this meter, but after my "vast"
>amount of experience using it (24 hours), I am very happy with this compact
>meter and the new test strips.  My fingers are happy too.

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