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[IP] Re: erratic blood sugars and hysterectomy

>>>I have no basis for truth in this at all -- it's just what I've heard
from someone.>>>

*Perhaps* the above is how old wives' tales become fact?? ;)

I've heard that when they perform a hysterectomy, they also remove glands
or something that , when removed can really mess things up. They are
responsible for giving you the sensation of feeling full, and regulating
certain hormones. >>>

The surgeon made the decision to remove my ovaries - even after I begged him
to leave them - due to them being so diseased. With modern medicine (for me
since 11/79), hormone replacement therapy (HRT) means I have not missed
those buggers. ;)

>>>It should be done only as a life saving- last resort.>>>

There again, trust your surgeon - or get one you can trust, and not the
wo/man on the street. <vbg>

This kind of reminds me that when I learned I had DM (11.5), the only thing
I knew about it was when I was 7, a 6 y/o neighbor told me her uncle had to
take a teaspoon of sugar everyday to keep from getting sugar diabetes. (~_^)

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