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[IP] neuropathy and carpal tunnel

I have read a few posts regarding carpal tunnel and
neuropathy, and I'm wondering if I may have one or
both.  I have had shooting pain (not too severe
though) in my feet for 5+ years getting worse the
longer I have diabetes.  My toes sometimes tingle like
they're falling asleep, but I still have full feeling
in my legs and feet.  Occasionally I get a shooting
"hot" feeling down my legs that I'm honestly not sure
how to describe.  Also, my arms fall asleep nearly
every night.  My roommate keeps telling me that I
clenched my hands into fists, open then closed
continously all night.  I've been to the doctor who
did a fillament test and told me I was fine and it
must be something else.  It's not severe enough that I
need meds to dull the pain, but I'm wondering what I
can do to prevent it from worsening and also if  I
should be worried.  Sometimes I think I scare myself
unnecessarily.  Thank you in advance for any help. 
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