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RE: [IP] Help with ratios

Hey Meg,
First of all w/menopause, you have to just learn to go with the flow like I
do.  When there is no steady time to get periods, you just never know what
to do.  I used to be able to change my basals now just have to go with the
flow and check often.

As far as your exercising, you know that it can take effect several hours
later and depends on what your b.g. was before you started.

I am questioning why you only took .5 on a 1/15 carb ratio when 3 graham
crackers = 15 gr. carb.  You should have taken a full 1.0 especially since
you had peanut butter on it.  The p.b. has fat which would show up several
hours after you ate it...actually you could have bolused .5 and then square
waved the .5 over a period of 4-5 hours and would have probably gotten
better results.  I know when I eat something w/fats I sq. wave part of the
bolus or else I will have highs. The insulin has already passed through you
and can't take care of the fats which show up later on.

I can understand you're not wanting to experience the lows and I feel the
same way but perhaps you can try the square wave next time around???

I feel like I'm always trying to solve these problems and failing. I get it
right 1 time out of 10.
	And what makes you think you're any different from the rest of us????  The
majority of us don't get it right all the time either and keep on trying
different things.  Don't forget there are just too many factors which come
into play in our lives to make b.g. perfect control.....Those who write on
here that their b.g. are perfect all the time are just plain ole lucky or
happened to hit it right on the button that time around...

Hang in there...just think, we can all hope and pray that when it comes time
for our menopause time [men excluded] ;) that ours passes quickly and we can
be over and done with the guessing games!!!!

Hugs to you!
Kathy B.
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