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[IP] FastTake

Recently there was a thread about bg testing on sites other than fingers as
well as the size of blood drops needed for tests.  Last week my CDE gave me
a FastTake meter (LifeScan) and, wow, what a difference it's making for me.
The lancet device, Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler, can be used on
paces like arms and thighs (I haven't experimented with other locations yet)
as well as fingers and the new strip requires the tiniest drop of blood ever
(1.5 microliters). You get the results in 15 seconds.  It was helpful to
watch LifeScan's little (and I mean little) video on their web page for
instructions on sampling on your arm--it is quite different from what I've
been doing for years on my fingers.

I can't recall if others had recommended this meter, but after my "vast"
amount of experience using it (24 hours), I am very happy with this compact
meter and the new test strips.  My fingers are happy too.

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