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Re: [IP] Restaurant carb counting

>Well, not fast food. Generally fairly nice(but not necessarily expensive) 
>restaurants - from Italian, to French to Japanese, etc, etc.

What I have found that helps me out a lot is to measure ingredients for a 
meal at home to get accustomed to what size portions should be.  For 
example, measure out pasta at home, put it on the plate and see what it 
looks like.  Weigh a potato to get accustomed to how many carbs are in a 
certain size.  This "training" while taking a bit of time and work has 
helped me tremendously when eating out.  I've gotten so much better at 
"eyeballing" food portions using this learning method.  We do not regularly 
eat in "fast food" places, we are more likely to eat in the "mom and pop" 
sort of establishments where carb lists are not available.   Hope this helps.

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