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[IP] injecting in public

I found that testing/injecting in public was my way of trying to free 
myself from the shame I felt about my diabetic body and getting 
I vividly remember how, shortly after I was diagnosed at age 11, my 
grandmother asked me to go into another room to do my test and shot. I'd 
been eager to show her all the new stuff I'd learned and the new gadgets 
I had. I'm still angry with her about that. 
As a teenager and college student I would skip tests and do shots after 
meals (and just generally be a diabetes slacker) because (in part) I 
didn't want to do it in public and it was too much trouble to find a 
private place to do everything. In rececnt years I startedd whipping my 
meter out anywhere and everywhere and my control and health have 
improved. I love being able to correct with the pump. Last weekend I 
tested my blood sugar at a concert--I was in the front row, up against 
the stage, and I balanced the meter on the stage and no one cared. 
(obviousy, the concerrt was not put on by that concert promoter being 
sued by the Justice Department!) In the midst of drunken, dancing folks, 
I was able to correct for my miscalculation of the Lebanese food I'd had 
for dinner.
I agree with the person who wrote that they don't know who they'd be if 
they weren't diabetic. Being more public and unashamed about testing etc 
is part of being more public and unashamed about me!

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