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Re: [IP] unexplained highs

In a message dated 4/14/02 8:43:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> An oftren overlooked place for infections is the mouth, specifically the
> teeth.  spot

Just wanted to put in my two cents about this one.  A little while after I 
was diagnosed (at 10) my sugars started running very erratically.  We tried 
EVERYTHING to try and get it under control....but to no avail.  I was in and 
out of the hospital for months on end.  We switched insulin types....tweaked 
dosages (at the time I think I was only on one injection a day 
tho).....explored the notion that it might be stress related.  NOTHING was 
working.  To make a long story short, in the end it turned out to be my 
teeth!  I don't recall particularly having any pain in my mouth, but when I 
was sent to a dentist it turned out that I had an infected molar.  Well, it 
was a baby tooth so they yanked the thing out and everything was pretty much 
back to normal after that.  A couple of years later, my dentist decide I 
needed a device to help push one particular tooth into the proper position.  
It wasn't bad enough to require braces and I can't remember what it was 
called but it was attached to my molars and had a wire along the back of the 
lower incisors to push the offending tooth forward.  I'm not sure why (it was 
irritating my gums I think) but it made my BGs go berserk.  Another one of 
those cases where trial and error led the docs to believe that the trouble 
was in my mouth.  Had the device removed...BGs back to normal.  My tooth 
still wasn't in the right place but who cares :-)  The moral of the 
story...... dental problems can have a HUGE impact on your diabetes control.
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