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[IP] Ez Manager

Subject: Re: [IP] Palm software

I have been using the EZManager from Animas for the 30 day free trial.  So
far, I'm disappointed in it.  There is no editing feature in there
whatsoever, so if you have a meal, then decide to add a food to that meal,
you cannot add to it, but must have a lunch and a lunch1.  Also if you add a
food into the database and need to edit the entry in some way you can't do
that either.  I'm going to continue playing with it for another week or so,
but so far, it's sure not worth $100.

Would like to hear some other opinions on this software.

Judi in MI
my unbiased opinion after using this software is that it is good. the
calculated bolus feaure has kept most of my bgs well below 120. i find the
foods database the most awful feature and almost never use it because it is
so lame. you must know the exact spelling and punctuation of a product
before the find feature will work. the baby foods are nice for those folks
with kids who eat it but most of the users dont need it. Omitting the baby
foods or having them as as a separate download would have been nice. there
is no graphing featuire in the bg display that will give a pie chart of the
bgs. one nice feature is the ability to download the database to a desktiop
and edit things there. The Palm operating system environment is very
unfriendly to work in and this program will be improved with time and
suggestions i am sure. allowing people to write their own modules and snap
them in could also be provided by the designers in the future, everthing has
to start out some place, even human beings, started out imperfect and now
look at us. spot in PA
ps i think the ez manager development team is worthy of some medals and at
least a huzzah having survived the Palm.
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