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RE: [IP] Re: erratic blood sugars and hysterectomy

I realize that I have the dawn phen. all the time...it's just that it's so
much more extreme when the hormones make me so much more resistant to the
insulin...usually I am very sensitive to insulin, but not during those days. I
know that a hyster. is not a cure all, but at least I will feel better and get
rid of mood swings, pain, and really!!! erratic bg.  I bolused 10 units the
other night at bed(3,3,4--over a period of 3 hours and my bg  dropped from 434
to 432 the first hour, then to 396, and finally to 67 by morning...I would
rather be low in the am than that high...no different foods than normal the
night before, so I know it was the hormone thing).Those bgs make me just want
to cry because I know they are ruining my body...I am to a point of being
willing to try most anything to stop trashing my body.

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