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[IP] females,

Hi!      I have been way busy and haven't joined in, but tonight I saw
lots of stuff about the female problems. Well, I have had my share, have
had 2 d+c and ablations, after being severly anemic, now I am not anemic
again yet, but at age 46 getting ready to look at menopause, I have 2
older non diabetic sisters who have already.  Anyway, I have had a
fibroid they have been watching, and have woke up with highs or lows
usually. Also some sweats I never had, only in the early morning. So, to
make a long story shorter.... my gynecologist said that it seems that it
is more common for a diabetic to have what I do, hyperplasia of the
endometrium, which means the lining of the uterus gets too thick,
increased vascularization, and thus the excessive bleeding. So, I have
once again gotten to that point, even though the ablation proceedure
actually removes the lining of the uterus, it has grown back, and now I
am going to have a biopsy to see what is g! oing on. The way that they
determine the thickness is by doing an ultrasound. The biopsy will be
done by hysteroscopy. So, anyone with bleeding problems, i highly
recommend finding the reason behind it, to save yourself from the extreme
anemia that can result. I felt the anemia was worse than the diabetes
because I was not able to do anything to correct it..... I ended up
feeling so weak that I was thinking I was having a low, treating it, and
ended up with higher hgba1c's, which only masked the problem....like I
was weak and losing weight due to poor control....I was exhausted, and I
would feel like I was beat up in the morning, thought I was getting
arthritis because I ached all over. And I craved ice, I chewed ice
constantly... no one picked up on that either. I don't want any of you to
suffer from misdiagnoses, so please investigate thoughly the reason
behind the bleeding. I didn't think mine were that heavy, but I lost more
blood than I could replace for the next round.! Also, don't rely on just
a cbc... insist on an anemia work up that should include a serum
ferritin.. measures your iron stores ( I had less that a newborn starts
out with) And a tibc...total iron binding capacity... which should be
telling if you can store iron, and a serum iron... to see how low that
is. I was so tired my husband thought I was depressed, no energy to do
anything except the very necessary. So, sorry it was long but if it helps
one person.... and they will help another.


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