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[IP] Ok, what if?

I've been trying to read what I can about the closed loop trials.  From what I understand, there are trials going on with different set ups.  One having everything implanted (sensor, port, and insulin delivering device) and another one with just a sensor implanted with an external pump delivering insulin (which may be connected to a fixed port instead of a cannula).  The first one having the insulin put into a vein close to the heart.  The second in a spot closer to the pancreas.  I may be wrong on this part.

My question is, ok, what if you have the one with the insulin delivering device implanted in you and you get into a car accident and you get hit right where the device is implanted.  It gets crushed and releases all the insulin into your body. You aren't going to have time to get enough glucose into you to counter act that much insulin. Out of luck! You're gone.  Where on the other hand, if you had gotten hit in the same place without an implanted device you may have had a chance of recovering from your injuries.  It may not be a car accident. Maybe you were playing baseball and the baseball hit you right on the device (I understand that they are right under the skin) and it jared it and it broke lose from it's connection? Then you have insulin leaking into you at who knows what pace. There's just so many "what if's".  

I can see an external means of insulin delivery with a closed loop situation, but I'd be a little leary of that much insulin being IN my body at one time.

I would think that an external pump as it is now would be a lot easier to fill too.

What do you think?
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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