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[IP] Early dawn phenomenon

I had a vaginal hysterectomy a year ago and everything was fine until a month
later when I got a infection on my ovaries and ended up in the hospital
getting a total hysterectomy. I really went through a lot of pain. I would
think long and hard about getting one. The reason I got one was because of
heavy periods and painful cramps but, I would take it all back if I could. I
put on weight and I won't take the hormone replacement because it makes my
hair fall out and because I choose not to take it I have terrible hot flashes.
I'm sure there are women who had no problems but, if I could do it over,I
would put up with the periods. My doctor had no problem giving me one because
of my diabetes and My insurance covered it.


I have a question concerning a very similar issue.  I probably use more
insulin daily, but I too
have a high basal from 2 am until 7:30am due to the dawn phenomenon.  My is
2.5 per hour and my
sugars are the same, could be low or high who knows.  I am 32 years old and
have been diabetic for
21 years.  I have been having strange menstration for the past couple of years
and it has only
gotten worse.  Is it hard to get a doctor to do a hyterectomy on a diabetic?
Will insurance pay
for it?  Thanks in advance.

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