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[IP] Accidents are having local people question if D should Drive

We had 2 accidents last week, One person had Ep seizure (mother and child 
died) and the other Diabetes related which both were serious accidents.
The news reported on people with medical conditions didn't have to prove to 
State when applying for Driver License that medical condition was under 
control and they were capable of driving letter from a doctor.
The state of NC has had 200,000 accidents last year and out of those 953 were 
medical condition related.

Has anyone ever had an accident due to low and if so how does the court 
system handle it, would a person be charged with DWL (driving while Low).
I am really curious as to how the court system treats someone DWL and has an 
Kap had a low bs of 39 at school and was playing around, wouldn't stop 
laughing and he was sent to In school detention for 1 full day.
He had to write an essay on what he could have done to prevent the ISD and he 
wrote, about "Find a Cure for Diabetes".
If someone has a heart attack and has accident are they 
Someday Kap will be driving and I hope I am training him to test before 
getting behind the wheel.  He has to test now before he rides his 
bike/skateboard in the neighborhood for 2 reason (1) physical activity (2) 
ability to make snap decisions.
Darlene - Mom to Kap
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