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RE: [IP] help with 16 year old daughter!!

Hi Anne:
Your daughter is probably going through one of the phases and being in HS,
it's not going to be too cool to check her b.g. around new friends.

Hopefully she has some of her old friends in HS w/her from middle school
that she can feel comfortable around and be able to check her b.g. and once
they don't comment about it, her other new friends won't either.

You can't be on her back either cause she is at the age where she wants her
independence, may be rebelling against the disease, may not want other hot
guys knowing that she is different in having diabetes, etc. etc. etc.  There
are a number of reasons why she is doing this.

The one thing that does worry me is that she doesn't check before driving.
If anything, I would make that a priority in explaining to her that she can
firstly kill herself, passengers in her car and others if her b.g. drops too
low and something happens or on the lighter side, she can lose her
license!!!  I believe that most states take driving with a low blood sugar
almost as seriously as they do driving while intoxicated so she has to do
this and make certain she is at a level of 100 or higher in order to be able
to function properly.

If she doesn't want to check in front of her newfound friends then she can
check before she leaves the house and if she goes out somewhere, she can go
to a rest room and check it there.

I wish she could find other diabetics her age to talk to so that she feels
more comfortable with this situation but I know what she is going through.

I had a similar problem with my daughter in that she had serious scoliosis
and had to wear a back brace when she was in her teens and we paid $1,800
for the brace and she was supposed to wear it all the time.  It wasn't
obtrusive as she used to wear baggy clothes at the time.

Well, she would tell me she had it on and I had happened to put some clothes
away in her closet and found it all the way in the back of the closet and
freaked out!  When I confronted her she said she didn't want to be different
and have to wear it.

When I told her that her back would be crooked and that depending on how
quickly she grew, she was a candidate for surgery in having a rod placed
around her spine she shrugged it off even though a very good friend of hers
underwent this same surgery.

I contacted the orthopedist and he said there was nothing I could do to
force her to wear it and she would have to suffer the consequences for the
rest of her life.  Not a very reassuring thing given the fact that no one
wants these things to happen to their children but she would wear it on and

She is now almost 22 and has a crooked spine which is very noticeable in
that one shoulder is higher than the other but she doesn't care.  Go

I wish you luck in speaking w/your daughter and perhaps her diab. educator
or endo can speak with her about this problem or a school counselor or if
you speak with one of her good friends and let her confront your daughter or
sometimes they will listen to a friend's parent better than they would
listen to you...it a rebellious time for them so who knows???

Kathy B.
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