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[IP] Re: erratic blood sugars and hysterectomy

Some days it's 67 and the day before it will have been
400.  I am 
to have a hysterectomy in May, hoping that will solve
the dawn thing 
me with regard to the sharp increase in the 2 weeks
before my period.
We'll see.


Don't bank on a hysterectomy correcting your dawn
phenomena or any other blood sugar problems.  I was
having horrific BG swings (plus heavy bleeding and
endometriosis) - My GYN doc and my internist at the
time decided to try the hysterectomy thinking it would
get my hormones better controlled and then my sugars
back in line - no such luck.  That's how I ended up on
a pump -- I was well controlled for years and then
everything just went to h---.  I still don't know why.

As for the dawn phenomena - that is due to the early
morning release of cortisol (hormone) that everyone
does to some extent - some people more so than others.
 Has nothing whatever to do with the "female" thing.

You may feel better after the hysterectomy, but don't
set your hopes for your blood sugar too high.  Also be
prepared to gain some weight!! -- The spayed cat


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