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[IP] restaurant carb counting

You can usually take the option of telling the server how much off the
starch portion of the meal you want or ask what the portion size is. Most
restaurants practice careful portion control as a means of controlling
costs. So, they know that they serve 1 cup of rice with the entree. If you
have a book or a palm with carb counts in it - or a good memory, you can add
up the carbs based on the quantities given. I also have generic carbs for
things like a dinner salad with french dressing (on the side), cooked
vegetables, a generic "sweet" sauce  - like bbq, sweet & sour, honey glaze -
carb count that are usually reasonably accurate. Good ole eyeballing can
come in handy if the restaurant does not know portions for some reason.

I believe that it is a law (state or fed?) that restaurants must make
nutritional information available to patrons within a certain amount of time
after opening their doors. However, I am not certain of that and I have
found plenty of restaurants, even national chains that do not offer
nutritional content. Anyone have any more info on this law?

In addition, I always test two hours afterwards and do a correction bolus if
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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