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[IP] Re: injecting / testing in public

>>>I am not ashamed of being diabetic, but I don't feel that gives me the
right to expose people to my illness at the dinner table. >>>

> The point is, you have to take your injection or test your bg. You are not
exposing anyone to a virus this way. Sneezing w/o covering or blowing your
nose is exposing people to viruses and bacteria. It can be done discreetly
at the table. If someone is gaping, they deserve to see. >

The key word in the second post was akin to the snipped part of the first
post: Discreet - which the first poster also mentioned being courteous. I'll
stick by my first post that this is definitely a YMMV situation, but why
take pride in making others physically ill for *our* convenience. Each time
I'm reading that one of us *licks* I just about PUKE!!  I don't hide it, but
I don't expose it unnecessarily, either. That's MY humble opinion, which I
highly respect. YMMCV (Your Mileage May Certainly Vary) (~_^)

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