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[IP] Raw Food Approach

Dear IP editor:  I am very curious of what I describe below. Could you
please publish in upcoming IP issue to serve as inquiry? Thanks. I
registered, or was profiled in early January 2002 via recommendation of 
CDE, Animas.

Raw Food Approach
One of our citys support group moms got wind of a health & lifestyle
presentation advocating eschewing any cooked foods in lieu of strictly
living foods or raw foods.  Curiosity-seeker that I am, I attended this
presentation and met them. The mother of the family is increasingly
well-known in wellness circles of the NorthWest:  they immigrated family
from Russia, have a 17-yr old boy Type 1 dxd age 10 and avoiding insulin
completely with raw food diet ONLY. They put me in touch with one other
14-yr. old girl in Ohio trying this approach. (I phoned her to confirm
this) it seems to be true that morning running exercise in tandem with
exclusively raw foods enable them to remain shot-free (except for
sick-days which are extraordinarily rarer now, according to them both).
The claim is the muscles are able to produce sufficient insulin with
exertion as necessary to facilitate glucose absorption.  When I asked
my 6-yr old whether she might be interested in trying it out to possibly
reduce later complications, have better BGL control, increased wellness
feeling, etc., she said, I like the pump and no thanks.
Victoria Boutenko of Portland, OR gives these gourmet raw food
presentations, has published their story in a book called Raw Family,
and was gracious to me, cautiously not giving medical advice, telling
only what theyve done. To Victorias knowledge only the other Type 1
child she knows of who has tried this approach is the Ohio case. The girl
told me she too feels great, all the time. National food culture here
certainly seems prohibitive of such drastic measures. I was compelled to
recall the multiple accounts of:  If I could live only one day and not
have to take these shots or be at risk for long-term complications.; or
how All this great management of the disease is a poor substitute for
the cure, etc. Just wondering if anyone out there has heard also of this
approach, how its going if so, long-term progress & also what about
eventual C-peptide tests to confirm changes in endogenous insulin output
in case these kids just happened to remain in prolonged honeymoon.
There are medical mysteries out there, but what logical numeric
statistics to expect of the a-typical?, etc. Id like to hear from anyone
off-line or even in the digestsometimes I dont quite catch them
entirely twice daily. Thanks for this wonderful IP digest connection with
each other!
Carol in north AL near Huntsville.  email @ redacted
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