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Re: [IP] Early dawn phenomenon

I am 32 years old and have been diabetic for 21 years.  I have been having
strange menstration for the past couple of years and it has only gotten
worse.  Is it hard to get a doctor to do a hyterectomy on a diabetic?  Will
insurance pay> for it?  Thanks in advance.
> Billie

I do believe that most doctors would be reluctant to perform a hysterectomy
on any woman at age 32, diabetic or not.  I'd advise you to see your ob-gyn
about your "strange menstruation" and see what the problem is.  If a
hysterectomy is deemed medically necessary, it would most likely be covered
by insurance but you would have to check directly with your insurance

Your hormones can definitely have an effect on your blood sugar.  In an
ideal world, if you can get your endo and ob-gyn to communicate on this
issue, you'd probably be a lot further ahead.  Good luck!
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