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Re: [IP] Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

> > I was wondering if anyone here is covered by BC/BS Healthcare Plan of
> You did not say which plan you have, there are several that have different
> I have the PPO.

It is quite difficult to compare insurance plans.  Even if you have a BC/BS
Healthcare Plan of Georgia PPO, someone else could also have it with a
different employer (or different group) and their coverage might be
different from yours.

If you have a plan through your employment, it makes sense to speak with
your Human Resources department and ask for their help getting your
questions answered and even advocating for you.

So often when you call the insurance company directly, the customer rep you
get knows next to nothing (if that much) about insulin pumps.  For example,
I called my insurance company to question a $300 balance due to MiniMed for
my 508.  I had paid a $10 co-payment and that was all I was supposed to pay.
The customer service rep told me that I only had "temporary authorization"
for six months and needed to re-apply or something.  Temporary authorization
for an insulin pump?  After a subsequent letter to my insurance company, I
have asked my organization's Human Resources staff to look into this on my
behalf.  The jury is still out....

And, speaking of insurance, there was a front page article in the Wall
Street Journal on 4/9, called "Insurer's Tactic:  If You Get Sick, The
Premium Rises."  Very scary article about American Medical Security Group,
who specializes in health insurance for individuals.  Insurance companies
that sell health insurance to individuals are "re-underwriting" the same way
they do with automobile and home insurance.  You know how your car insurance
goes up when you get a speeding ticket?  Well, the same is happening to
people who have diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, etc.  It gives one
pause.  I know that I will not be getting employer health insurance when I
retire from my job; guess there won't be early retirement for me.  I'll be
waiting for Medicare, if that's still solvent by the time I get there!
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