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Re: [IP] injecting in public, licking off the excess blood

Just my two cents in... 

My grandma and I both have Type 1 Diabetes. She still takes MDI, while i'm on 
the pump (thank god for the pump!). It's funny, when I was on MDI, I didn't 
feel comfortable doing my blood sugar testing and injections in public - 
resturants, etc. My grandma is totall the opposite. She could care less, she 
tests and gives herself shots in public. I don't mind that she does it in 
front of me even in public. It's just me that doesn't feel comfortable doing 
it. So in my opinion, it depends on individuals' preferences and comfort 
zones. YMMV as always! 

As to licking off blood after testing, I do it all the time. I sometimes do 
it to gross out my friends LOL! :) 

DX 2/87
Pumping 5/18/00
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