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[IP] blood donation

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: Blood Donations

An area blood bank will now accept donations from persons with Diabetes
provided they meet the other qualifications.  Was 90% through the interview
area when the Staffer asked when I last had my insulin shot and I described
the pump & its action.  She asked to see the site where the infusion set
enters my skin.  (I use the tenders and am male so I just disconnected and
showed her the pump, the infusion set etc.  She then called the Blood Bank
Physician and I was denied as a candidate because I had an artificial device
interrupting the skin barrier and therefore was a candidate for infection.
Has anyone else run into this and is there a reference article I can bring
the blood bank to show other's opinions on pump users successfully donating?
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totally false. the Red Cross manuals specifically states you can be pumping
and donate. I have done so several times, no onever said I could not. The
site being an area of possible infection makes pheresis donations not
possible. if you want to donate white cells or platelets they will not take
them if you have a site. Look at the red cross manuals.
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