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[IP] tendonitis, game keepers thumb.

My 15 year old son has had diabetes for over 13 years.  He has never had an
A1C higher than the 8's.  He has developed pain in his wrist with numbness
and tingling in his thumb, index, and middle fingers with the pain radiating
to his elbow.  I finally got an appt. with a doctor for next Monday.  I
to the doc on the phone and he said it may be neuropathy or hopefully, just
carpel tunnel.  I thought that neuropathy always started in the lower
extremities.   I'd appreciate any input.
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I think your son has "gamekeepers thumb" It makes the top of the thumb and
the attached tendon hurt. It is a tendonitis and is cured by giving the
thumb a rest from nintendo and using some heat and non steroidal
antiinflammatory drugs such as asperin. There is no reason for your kid to
have a neuropathy. diabetic kids don't get neuropathy until several years
out generally more than 13.  Also neuropathy has to be in the distribution
of a nerve, there is no nerve tht does this kind of distribution. neuropathy
usually begins in hte legs in diabetics but it can start anyplace. An
orthopedic consultation is more appropriate here. kids don't get carpel
tunnel either unless there is stess on the transverse carpel ligament in the
wrist. Don't make this more than it is. get your pediatrician or peds endo
involved here. spot
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