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[IP] site irritation

I have been using Quick-sets since dec, prior to that I used Silhouettes and
before that Soft-sets. I've always considered myself lucky -all the problems
other pumpers have been experiencing, I never have. That recently changed.
I got a supply of  Quick sets a couple weeks ago. I leave my sites in for
three days. By the second day, I was itching like mad at the site. I thought
it was a bad location, but when I moved it- the same result. I haven't
changed preps or soap or anything else that may have caused a problem. I
contacted Mini-med and they assured me nothing has changed, they are using
the same supplier. However, I did notice the printing on the front of the
package looks different and the paper does not peel off as easily as it used
to. At any rate, they sent me replacement sets from a different lot but
after two days, they are just as bad. I tried Tegaderm tape under the site
this morning but I don't feel the tape is the problem. The irritation seems
to be right at the cannula site. It is quite red and inflamed for a day
after removal.
I don't feel change of seasons or heat is a factor, I live in Arizona where
it's always uncomfortable.
Anyone else having this problem?? Sorry for the length of this.
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